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A covert division of OMET

Our Mission

Using used items that were purchased from a limited government budget; we were to build a contraption to sort potentially dangerous packages.

Secret Agents

  • Agent X (aka Brandy Foster)
  • Agent XX (aka Cindy Yumiko Pollack)
  • Agent XXX (aka Dave Rose)


Step 1             Our three agents joined our larger cadre to get briefed on what resources were available.  We were startled to find another agent who had accomplished similar tasks in the past. However, that agent disappeared to work on another project.

Step 2             Without complete scenario descriptions, we began to build a unit that would travel, identify, and move packages.  Frustration set in as we realized mechanical experience was not in any of our prior assignments. To overcome this, we discussed ideas, tried and tested options, and consulted agents from other assignments.  We were learning to help each other and use our available resources.   Frustration turned to excitement as we completed a moving vehicle!

Step 3             Clarification of the assignment from Headquarters pulled the plug on the moving vehicle portion of our contraption.  The hours spent on completing this portion of the project were lost.  We were back to square one.  The initial excitement of completing a portion of the project was now gone.  What was not lost, was the learning gathered from working together.  Also, we, as agents, learned to provided encouragement and positive feedback to support each other.

Step 4             With consultation, we forged ahead to built a new unit that would just focus on sorting the potentially dangerous packages.  With good progress, but no complete unit built at the end of the workday, our agents felt defeated. A failed task.  We reflected alone and then eventually with each other.  What we concluded was that Headquarters was not actually testing to see if we learned how to build a unit, but testing us to see if we could work together.   We decided that this process was successful.  We were learning to collaborate and work as a team.  We discussed, planned, tried, failed, and regrouped—successfully!

Step 5             Programming the unit required additional trial and error with the programming language as well as the model itself.  Small successes pushed the agents us ahead.  It was also interesting to see different members of our team take the lead at different times.  Leadership changes came when someone had technical expertise, moral support, or even just a particular interest in learning something.   What we learned was to allow different members to take the lead or share the lead.

Step 6            Despair that we were encountering when we had to regroup turned to focused energy and determination to continue working to the end.

"I'm not nervous, I'm just busy." ~Agent X (aka Brandy Foster)