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FETC 2004

Conference Schedule

Pepperdine Schedule

Conference information (Thanks to 6th Wave Cadre for posting this on their site)

FAQ about FL Mid-Point Meeting


The block of rooms for Pepperdine University is being held at the Embassy Suites Orlando, International Drive South. In order to qualify for the discounted rate you must have a confirmed reservation. All reservations must be made by Dec. 22nd. Please don't call until Tuesday, November 4, at the earliest to make a reservation. To obtain a reservation contact:

Embassy Suites
Orlando- International Drive South, Convention Center
8978 International Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819
Phone: 407-352-1400

You must make the reservation by phone. You cannot get the Pepperdine group rate on the web. When you call to make the reservation you must indicate that you are part of the Pepperdine University group. Right now ten rooms have been reserved for the evening of January 21 and twenty-five rooms have been reserved for the evenings of January 22-25. We limited the number of rooms reserved in the block because it is our impression that many of you wish to share rooms. Here are the rates for the various rooms:

King Bedded Suite (King Bed in Bedroom, Sofa Bed in Living Room): $118.50 Double/ Double Bedded Suite (Two Bedrooms each with double beds, Sofa Bed in Living Room): $138.50 For each of these rooms there is a $10 additional fee for each adult staying in the room with over two guests. For example, for the King Bedded Suite, the Triple Rate is $128.50 and the Quad Rate is $138.50. Ask for more information about the rooms when you call to make the reservations or check the web site.

We have made arrangements with the conference organizers to register all of you as a group. As a result, the conference registration fee has been reduced from the normal $150 to $100 per person. You have already paid this amount as part of the fees you paid to Pepperdine University (the $350). We will pay the conference directly and will have the badges for you when you arrive. The conference organizers have requested that in addition to your names, we must submit certain demographic information about you. We are finding out from the conference organizers what this information is. Most likely you will be notified of a web site you will go to where you will complete a survey that will capture this information and will automatically generate a report for us to send to the conference organizers.

As we get closer to the arrival date, we will tell you where to go when you arrive to collect your conference badge so that you can proceed directly to conference sessions.

The FETC Conference will be held this year at a new branch of the Orange County Convention Center. For more information about the conference, please refer to the conference web site: http://www.FETC.org

We are working on confirming a guest speaker for late afternoon on Thursday, January 24 immediately following the last session of the conference that day or on Friday, January 25 immediately following the last session of the conference . Stay tuned for more information about who the speaker will be and where we will be meeting.

We will meet as a group on Thursday, January 24 before dinner. The place and time for this are dependent on the arrangements for the guest speaker. We will either convene the Opening Meeting immediately following the Guest Speaker presentation OR we will plan to meet in the evening reception area of the Embassy Suites. Come prepared to provide information about your ARP to your peers in other cadre groups. This is one of the few opportunities you have during the year to compare notes with your peers in other cadre groups to see if they are planning ARPs that are similar to yours.

Because you don't all know each other, we thought it would be a good idea to have something that identifies you as being from Pepperdine and also identifies you as a member of a cadre group. As part of the materials you will receive upon arrival, you will receive an official Pepperdine badge holder. In addition to your FETC badge, we are asking that you have a Pepperdine badge, especially for the joint opening activities of the cadre groups.

To make this a bit more fun, we thought perhaps an intra-cadre group effort to design a cadre group logo that we can print on the cadre group badges would help add even more community to your CoP. Please work with your peers to design a logo that we can use on a badge (standard paper badge size). How you do this is up to each cadre group. You simply need to submit a graphic file (preferably a jpeg file) to Sue Talley by January 10, 2004.We will print up these badges in advance and have them available for you when you check in. It would also be great if you could bring and occasionally wear the Pepperdine OMET T-Shirts that you received at VirtCamp last summer.


Dress throughout this meeting will be casual. Weather at this time of year in Florida can range from a high of 30 degrees to a high of 80 degress so come prepared!

We will have an all cadre dinner on Sunday evening after classes are over. Dawn Howard in the Six in the City group lives near Orlando and she is helping to make arrangements for this dinner. The cost for this dinner (exclusive of any alcoholic beverages) was also covered in the fee you paid to Pepperdine University.

Some of your instructors will have cars or vans to help with transportation from the airport to the hotel and to various dinners. The Convention Center is only a half mile from the hotel so in good weather you can walk to the conference. You will probably need to rent additional cars in your cadre groups to cover transportation needs. You are urged to coordinate this transportation among members of your group so that all transportation needs are covered. The hotel has only a limited shuttle service to the Theme Parks.

Given the uncertainties in today's world, we want to be able to contact all members of all cadre groups easily in case of last minute changes in our plans. Your Cross-Cadre representatives have been asked to gather cell phone numbers, pager numbers, and IM addresses from all of you so that we can contact you should any emergencies arrive. Sue Talley, the Program Director, will be primarily responsible for this. Your cadre madre or padre may also be contacting you regarding arrangements for any special plans for your cadre group.


Thursday, January 22
Pick up badges before you go to the conference


Opening Session


Guest speaker



All-Cadre Opening Mtg.



Friday, January 23


FETC Opening Session    

Guest speaker



All Cadre Meeting at Embassy Suites Reception – FETC debrief



Cadre Groups meet for dinner tonight



FETC Dance

As desired


Saturday, January 24 
8:30 – 11:30 AM

1:30 – 3:30 PM

3:30 – 6:00 PM

6th Wave - Boardroom

Fisher – ED665

Robinson –ED639

Optional Meetings

Deep 6- Seminole

Weiner – ED665

Sparks – ED639

Six in the City - Citrus

Talley – ED 639

Fisher – ED665


Sunday, January 25 
Noon – 2:45

3:15 – 6:00


6th Wave-Boardroom

Stager – ED634 Fisher ED638 All Cadre Dinner - TBD
Deep 6- Seminole Riel – ED638 Stager – ED 634  
Six in the City - Citrus Amenta-Shin – ED634 Sparks – ED638  

Monday, January 26
8AM - Noon
6th Wave– Boardroom Debrief with
Discussion of ARPs
Deep 6 – Seminole    
Six in the City - Citrus    

The hotel does offer wireless connectivity for a daily fee. We do require that you bring your laptops.


This might be a good time to use your digital cameras to capture things that happen at the meeting and to update cadre pages, as well as your own web page.

Remember… we schedule these face to face times to help you re-connect with folks you haven't seen in many months or with instructors you've never met face to face. Take advantage of this time to have some fun with your peers and to get to know them even better. We realize that your family members may want to come to FL to take advantage of the many attractions in the area. Please let family members know that you will be actively engaged with your peers from Thursday, Jan. 22 until Monday, Jan. 26 at noon.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

If you have questions, either ask your Cross Cadre rep (ours is Dawn Howard) or email Sue Talley (stalley@pepperdine.edu)


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