Welcome Pepperdine Students to the Action Research Archives

We have invited a number of students to post their Action Research Projects. These projects have value in directing the work of the next generation of students in the Online Masters in Ed Tech Program at Pepperdine. The sites listed here are either published or under review for the Center for Collaborative Action Resesarch . If you would like to sign up as peer reviewer, we would be appreciate your help.

We will be forming a directory as the sites are uploaded.

Margaret Riel


Matt Jones (Cadre 15)  Seeing Below the Surface: How Technology can Make Coaching a Shared Experience

Erin Abshere (Cadre 15)Building Rivers: Knowledge Sharing in a Coalition of Non-Profit Organizations

Candy Gallagher (Cadre 15)Cultivating Collaborative Teams: Improving Workplace Relationships with Enterprise Social Networks

Molly Weene (Cadre 15)Building Blocks for Success: Increasing Learning Transfer in a Corporate Setting

Jennifer Payne (CCadre 15)Scaling to New Heights: Raising Confidence Through Guided Writing

Kristina Peters (CCadre 15)Irrigating Minds: Developing a Professional Development Team for Nebraska Educators

Joel Lowsky (Cadre 15)Harmonic Integrations: Methods and Techniques for Conducting Educational Technology Implementations

Doug Conrad (Cadre 15)Going Mobile:Mobile Media Technologies and their Impact on Academic Collaboration Beyond the Walls of the Classroom

Jason Leath (Cadre 15) Seeing What Matters

Jonathon Silk (Cadre 14) Casting Knowledge: Building an On-Line Community of Practice with Leadercast

Shawntell Allen (Cadre 14)-A New Learning Story: reflective learners and knowledge building communities in a digital age

Joanne Couling (Cadre 13)- I can do chemistry!": A move towards alternative assessment in high school chemistry

Maria Lai (Cadre 13)- Group-Spiritual Direction

Jason Eggleston (Cadre 13)- The Making of a College Course: Developing Curriculum and Teaching Skills

Fabiola Torres (Cadre 12)- Igniting Purpose: Inspiring Reason to Finish

Michael Truong (Cadre 12) -- Knowledge Management: The Energy Source of the Organization

Jason Melillo (Cadre 12) -- Development on Demand: Harmony and Media in Corporate Education

Scott Mortensen (Cadre 12) -- Social Entrepreneurship: Engineering a Movement

Anne Smith (Cadre 11) -- The Art of Possibility: Creating More Successful Learners

Kathleen Lepori (Cadre 11) -- Peer Collaboration: Building an infrastruture for Enhancing Technical Support

Dan Wood (Cadre 11) -- Building Thriving Communities of Practice with Social Learning Technologies

Tanner Ragland (Cadre 11) -- Facilitating Adaptive Expertise: A Contructivist Approach

Matthew Jackson (Cadre 11) -- The Digital Computer Classroom:
Collaboration in Action

Brent Hibbert (Cadre 10) -- Through a Learning Design Situated in Relevance, Problem-Solving, Reflection and Mentoring

Jessica Dabbeekeh (Cadre 10) -- Soaring to New Heights: Engaging Students in Technology Exploration

Isreal Valenzuela (Cadre 10) -- Identity and Connectivedness in the Workplace

Maria Lindsey (Cadre 10) -- Building Blocks for a Park Docent Program

Josh Burker (Cadre 9) -- Creating an Inclusive Elementary School Tech Club

Debby Jones (Cadre 9) -- Discovering Technology Treasures: 
Making Best Use of School Technology Resources

Bradford Thomas Davey (Cadre 9) -- Student Provocateurs: Empowering Student Voice and Democratic Participation Through Film

Colette Cassinelli (Cadre 9) -- Engaging Students with Authentic Technology Projects

Chris Kelly (Cadre 9) -- Fostering Knowledge Transfer

Brad Poorman (Cadre 8)-- Effectiveness of Lay Leader Training When Supported by Online Communities of Practice

Tom Kuhlman (Cadre 8) -- Cultivating Communities of Practice

Susan Tiss (Cadre 7) Working in A Collaborative Team Environment: The Individual as Part of a Greater Whole

Michael Sweeney (Cadre 7) Working in A Collaborative Team Environment: The Individual as Part of a Greater Whole

Karen Elinich (Cadre 7) -- Understanding the Nature of Science through Primary Sources:Teacher Interpretation and Conversation

Michael Dulay (Cadre 7) -- Innovation Achnored in Tradition: Action Research @ Glendale Community College

Jim Kenney (Cadre 7) -- Synchronous Online Learning in a Biotech Organization

Christian Greer (Cadre 7)) -- Action Learning at Shedd Aquarium

Chris Bigenho (Cadre 7)) --Professional Development: Training for Teacher Induction

Karen Griffin (Cadre 6) Extending the Classroom Boundaries: Extending Classroom Borders: Maintaining Student Engagement While Fostering Higher Thinking Skills

Esther Stinson (Cadre 6) Leading with Technology: Professional Development of Elementary Teachers

Scott Laleman (Cadre 5) Staff Development and Action Research

Hung Le (Cadre 5) One Stop: An Integrated Approach to Delivering Student Services for Learning

Marty DeWindt (Cadre 5) Spark + Catalyst: Partnership for Learning

Susan Chase (Cadre 5) A Place for Me: Building Community at Church