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"The Process"

I am beginning to understanding more and more what the professors were trying to show us at VirtCamp—THE PROCESS.  Last night, for example, my husband Gary and I went to see “Swing Vote.” The tongue-in-cheek comedy starring Kevin Cosner who did a fairly decent job portraying a culturally unsophisticated single father who could care less about politics, or anything else for that matter including his young daughter’s welfare.  As the movie unfolds, we see an apathetic man being wooed by both the Republican and Democratic parities vying for his vote. The plot thickens as Cosner’s trailer-trash character’s “swing vote” determines the next president of the United States.  After both sides of the political spectrum take their turn forfeiting their truths and values selling out in hopes of winning the election, Bud Johnson (Kevin Cosner) at his daughter’s request, holds a debate between the two candidates. What was unexpected is the redemption speech Bud gives to an unsuspecting crowd of small town folk and the televised world.  The night before the debate he makes an effort to understand the issues and the consequences of his deciding vote. He realizes that even though it was only one vote, the outcome would affect all Americans. Bud had been receiving thousand of letters from concerned citizens pleading their case for how he should cast his vote. Confused about what questions to ask, he lets the letters speak for him. As he reads aloud to the candidates, the poignant letters speak for him.

We will use a similar process for our action research project, seeking help from our immediate community as to what issues should be addressed and what questions should be asked. Cosner’s character is a metaphor for everyman with the ability to make a change.