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As our final assignment in Learning Theory EDUC 633, Cadre 11 was given a challenge, to put our understanding of theory to a real world test. Our project was to develop a learning experience in Second Life that would teach people how to use Second Life. We were to work in two groups to develop two separate experiences.One will be geared at teachers who wish to use Second Life and the other will be geared for students who will need to learn Second Life for their classes. Our first task was to sign up for one of the two groups. I chose the student group. You can read our notes here at

We then met in our respective groups to determine what students needed to know and how present this task providing an obvious connection to learning theory. It had to be driven by what we'd been learning all semester.

Blog Posted to MYOMET (2008-11-09) - Second Life Final Project – The Process (1)

Our last, and final major project in Bill’s class is to create a "real world" application with the purpose of putting our “understanding of theory to a real world test” in Second Life. The challenge is to develop a learning experience in Second Life that will teach teachers and students how to use Second Life. When I first read the assignment, I was excited about the opportunity for our cadre to contribute something of this magnitude to SL.  The future impact could have a far-reaching positive effect on both teachers and students. As I was focusing on the end products, I suddenly remembered the object of all these activities and assignments—the process.  What happens when learning takes place, moreover, what happens to me when learning takes place. In this informal, relaxed environment, it is easy to learn without being conscious that you are indeed learning. These guided learning events are disguised in the form of Second Life tasks. What is it that I have learned, and mostly by accident? Raised in the school of linear thinking, my objective in each of these tasks was to achieve the assigned goal not really thinking about the process that much until this final project. My epiphany came from our instructor, “Remember when I had you try out and evaluate Orientation Island as a learning experience? This was the reason.” These experiences in SL have become almost second nature to me now-- having created two avatars, visiting several locations in SL, building and storing, acquiring freebies, etc. Now I have the opportunity to share this learning experience with others!

Blog Posted to MYOMET (2008-11-14) -Second Life Final Project – Learning the Building Process (2)

Several of us met in Second Life the other night to learn how to build from the SL guru, Greg Noack, aka Thonalon Umarov. Greg had constructed a platform somewhere high above Malibu Island for our Student Group to use as a sandbox for learning how to build. At first, I couldn’t even get there. Greg had to give me “special wings” in order to reach that height. Once I got there, I was amazed at the huge flat grid Greg had built for our groups use. We have a huge task in front of us to design a game board similar to Clue. As you can see from the picture, we have a long way to go. Greg did a great job of talking us though the process and offered much patience for those less experience builders like myself. I managed to create some glowing cylinder and then sat on top of it proud as a peacock. For the life of me, I don’t know how we are going to get it together to build something decent that can be shared with teachers and students for future use. But I have great faith. I have learned in this program that our Cadre can do just about anything when we work together! I am sure that the end product will be an excellent tool for learning.

Second Life Final Project – The Building Process Continues (3) 11/17/08

Today was an excellent day in SL. I didn’t like how my bedroom looked and thought I’d go up and see if there was anything that I could do to improve it’s appearance since the rest of the rooms look so good. When I got to the Clue Board, Donna, was there with a few others building a kitchen. It is fabulous! I asked Donna where she got the stuff and she said from a freebie site. So off I went in search for stuff for my bedroom. I remembered the Freebie Warehouse and went there to see what I could find. I lucked out; no unsavory characters were there this time. I was alone and went through all the boxes grabbing everything that was free. My inventory is miles long now. I teleported myself back up to the floating platform and began to reconstruct the room. I was excited to be trying out the new items; deleting many as I found better things. I even hung drapes! I love how the bedroom looks now and am proud that I was able to contribute on this level.

I have been developing the Clue characters with Anne. Although we haven’t communicated about it, the characters are coming together as we are each gradually contributing to their development.

My volunteer assignment in the Student Group has been to help students learn how to customize their avatar. I wrote instructions and posted them to the growing wiki. During this process, I have also been refining my avatar’s look and am finally happy with Pepper Robonaught’s appearance. I also found a favorite spot to hang out. You can usually find Pepper sitting on a couch watching flames dance in the fireplace downstairs from the coffee house. I am getting more comfortable with SL and all the learning experiences it has to offer.