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Journal Entry - Eleven [posted Wednesday, December 17, 2008]

As the fall semester winds to a close, I reflect on the Action Research Project and how going trough the few steps thus far (the reading, force field analysis, literature review and action research plan) has helped me tremendously. The literature review actually has been the most valuable assignment to date. Researching multiple peer reviewed articles specifically related to my research question: Will establishing a peer support group within WestEd be an effective alternative to an overburdened help desk? Although my literature review was longer than required, I felt that I had scoured my subject well and that course of action will strengthen the foundation of my project. Searching for comparable studies, assured me that I am on the right track and help me tailor my parameters and sharpen the goal of my action research project.

The action plan categories helped me define the purpose, problem and role in my community of practice. My first action was difficult to identify in that I have three or four that almost all need to be done first yet each are all separate cycles. I am anxious to begin the inquiry process cycle — plan, act, observe, and reflect.