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Journal Entry - Twenty [posted Friday, April 17, 2009]

This has not only been a promising venture, but rewarding as well. The P2P support group is well into the third cycle. Today marks the end of nearly two weeks using the P2P support system primarily using Skype chat. I have 48 pages (.doc) of chat messages that occurred between thirteen P2P members starting Tuesday, April 7th on through today. I can comfortably say that the group is off to a great start. Our small support group has probably saved the help desk dozens of calls.

I have had favorable responses to how well this is working for the team. Someone skyped that she was off to the Zimbra webinar training and as one member, Jodi who had already attended the training, skyped back, “Good luck with training! I think we're much more advanced as a group...”.

Matt, a tech-savvy person in our support group, thought it would be a great idea to log these questions and answers somewhere for easier access. I immediately set up Etherpad for this purpose and shared the link with the entire group. Some joined me there and started editing the Q&A’s together. They seemed to love the new tool. When the study is complete, I am going to save the latest revision into a MS Word document or Excel file and share it with not only the P2P support group by the IT department as well.

Today, Jenn, who is in our DC office, was trying to describe a problem, via Skype, that she was having. I asked her to send me the files and I recorded the scenario using Berio. I shared the link and the file with all members as yet another way for us to communicate clearly and quickly with each other. Not only are they learning new things, and getting the answers they need to improve their practice, but I have benefited as well. It is almost as though all the books we have been reading are coming to life.