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Journal Entry - Twenty-One [posted Wednesday, May 6, 2009]

Monday, May 4th marked the final day of my 30-day quasi-experimental study. It was, at least for me, a solemn occasion. Indeed something to celebrate as the Peer-to-Peer Support Group had gone much better than I had expected. Wrapping up a successful study is always a rewarding effort, but it can difficult to let it go. The good news is I may not have to end. Certainly the study is complete, but the post survey responses are coming in and so far it is unanimous that the P2P members would like to see the support group continue!

I started collecting the data, both qualitative and quantitative for my action research report. I have 81 pages of Skype chat text alone and 12 excel spreadsheets of questions and answers (Q&A) the surfaced during the study. In addition, I had the 12 P2P members keep excel spreadsheets on the number of requests they received during the 30-day study. I will be contacting the IT department tomorrow, exchanging this information with the information that they have gathered on their end. They will be sharing how many help requests they handled during the same 30-day period. It will be interesting to see their response to our Q&A. We were able to solve two problems with Zimbra that the help desk said was not solvable! I will also be conducting personal interviews with the P2P support group and with the help desk personnel.

I received some very positive feedback that I thought I’d share here:

May 6, 2009 11:46 AM - Hi Kathleen, I have found participating in the P2P group really helpful and interesting. Thanks so much for your tireless facilitation, tips, and introduction of new tools. My workload ended up being much more demanding than I originally anticipated during the month of the study, but I appreciated the ability to drop in, catch up, and contribute as time allowed. I've attached my log of outside questions regarding Zimbra, and I'm about to take the survey. Keep me posted if I can help in future endeavors. Kate

May 5, 2009 4:27 PM Kathleen: Thank you for facilitating this group. I hope that the support will continue and that others will jump in and out of the conversation as needed. I don't think Skype is the best format because it seems to fit better when people are actively attending to the conversation. I'd prefer something that works for a more asynchronous user base, but I'm not sure that you would get questions answered as quickly either. Hmm... I did complete the survey, but I did not update my spreadsheet as I did not help anyone outside the group. Sorry! Best, Matt

May 5, 2009 4:24 PM Hi Kathleen, Thanks for having me as part of your P2P group. I really feel like I learned a lot from the other group members and you certainly inspired me to learn more about new tech-related things! I filled out the survey. I didn't help out any non P2P people (since Kate, Matt and Anita all work in close proximity - I guess no one else needed questions answered!) I look forward to getting our list of FAQs into distribution! Best, Jodi