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Learning Activity Six


Redoing Virt Camp   Group 7
  Diatonic Theory   Learn to Excel in Excel
Learners will be asked to develop a short 1 minute video introducing themselves to the rest of the cadre. The video needs to be produced using a web 2.0 or open source tool (see list below of possible tools to use), could be a combination of video or still images, and needs to be posted onto the Cadre 11 wiki so that all other cadre members are able to view and react to one another's videos before attendance at Virt Camp. If you don't create your video with an online tool like Voicethread or Animoto, you will need to upload it to Youtube or TeacherTube so that you can easily embed the video on the wiki page. The video should address the following aspects but are not limited to these: Introduce yourself Family? Pets? Profession? What do we need to know about you? Why OMET? What do you hope to gain from OMET? What are you worried about regarding OMET?   Each cadre member will create a ToonDoo (web-based), BitStrips (web-based) or ComicLife (download free trial software) comic strip (Click on the links below to explore sample comics). The comic strip will depict a snapshot of your field of action (for your Action Research Project). Only pictures (no text) will be included in your version of the comic (Text will come later).   Congratulations! You are going to Marbella, Spain for a one week vacation at a beach front hotel. The weather forecast is ideal for this time of year with a predicted low of 65° and high of 89° F. An important point to remember is that the locals speak only Spanish. Your learning adventure is to plan a trip itinerary and communicate it in Spanish, listing the necessary travel arrangements including the items needed to travel internationally. Please don’t forget the essentials including proper clothing for your trip.   "There are many different views as to what is considered diatonic. Wikipedia defines a diatonic scale as a seven note musical scale comprising five whole steps and two half steps." "A lot of times, people will say that if you're playing diatonically, it is to play to a certain set of notes arranged in a pattern of whole steps and half steps, also an augmented 2nd in the case of Harmonic scales" "So we've got camps of people who say that diatonic is relating only to the Major Scale and church modes attached to it. Other people say that Melodic Minor , Harmonic Minor, and Harmonic Major can be included as well." "At this point, the actual definition is moot. The Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, and Harmonic Major scales and their attached modes will be discussed under the umbrella of Diatonic Theory."   Excel is a powerful spreadsheet tool used to analyze, chart and manage data for personal, business, and financial use. In this activity students will learn basic data analysis on Microsoft Excel 2007 by learning the concepts of graphing and Pivot charts, filtering and sorting data, importing and exporting data, and accessing templates online. We hope that you find this activity rewarding and that you at learn one new function within Microsoft Excel 2007. Please be sure to take advantage of the Free Microsoft IT Academy one year subscription by following the instructions in the task list.