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  Learning Adventure #5

Learning Adventure 5 - Part 1
• Identify/locate/find at least one set of data related to previous US presidential elections online.
• The data set(s) should address at least a few questions or variables (any details about the candidates, voting precincts, electoral college, raw votes, demographics, etc...)

• "Massage" the data if necessary so it is saved in a tab-delimited format as a simple ASCII or TXT file. If you don't know how to do this already, this is a good opportunity to learn an important tech skill.

Each of you should create at least one data set capable of being shared. Of course, if you are competitive, multiple or more complex data sets are always desirable.

I posted my data set comparing the electoral and popular votes from
four different presidential elections. I chose this comparison because
some voters are unaware of the electoral college’s role in the
election process. They believe that they directly elect the president
and vice president. In fact, when they cast their ballots for
president and vice president, they are voting for officials called
electors who are assigned to each presidential candidate. The
spreadsheet "Electoral College Map" can be found at:

I thought it would be an interesting comparison to see how the current
candidate's states have voted in the previous four elections [2004,
2000, 1996, 1992]. In addition to Alaska and Arizona, I gathered
voting information for California which has the largest electoral vote
[55] of any of the other states. The site that provided this data was: