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large product photo   Learning Adventure #6
Our assignment was to use MicroWorlds EX (a modern multimedia programming environment) was to design a patch using Logo and combine it with another cadre members patch to make an entire quilt. This goal of this task was to help bring the book,"The Children's Machine" to life.

I used the Video-based MicroWorlds EX tutorials to help learn how to create a quilt patch in this new environment. Gary Stager's "how to" video was especially helpful. It was difficult at first,as is all things unfamiliar, but after playing around with Logo language, I had a better understanding of how the language worked. It soon became an enjoyable experience;in fact, I created two patches!

Part of my enthusiasm for this particular assignment, is that I make quilts. And one of my goals (and I have many) is to make a quilt that is good enough for the Santa Cruz County Fair. This learning adventure has inspired me to finish a quilt that I started a couple of years ago. I bought the fabric when we were on a vacation in Kauai.

The manuals that accompanied the MicroWorlds EX download were not as helpful as the tutorials Trial and error was my best teacher here. Most of the quilt patches posted were not the correct size so I was unable to use them for my end product. Donna had designed a great blue and red threaded patch and it was of the correct size so I used hers. I would have used more of the cadre's patches, but no one else had posted a useable one at that point. In all honesty, I wanted to complete the task and move on.

This was a fun (hard fun) collaborative project that supported my reading of Papert.