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Blog to Google Groups 11/1/2008 5:04pm

Done and done!!!!! I have posted by "MrsSnackman" game to the group files. After struggling for over a day with learning adventure #7, I finally have a snacman game. I want to thank our temporary learning circle [Anne, Donna, Greg, Dan and myself] for their help this morning. We met a 9am PST and Dan lead the entire presentation on Elluminate! I am forever grateful to him for his patience and perseverance. My program isn't as fancy as Dan's but it works! Gary's tutorial 1 and 2 helped a great deal as well. This wasn't as easy as the quilt assignment and it is humbling to know that young children are doing the same programming as we are! I shutter to think what Learning Adventure #8 holds. If you have trouble opening a file, make sure you close the icon backpack in your dock first before opening a saved file. ~ Kathleen




  Learning Adventure #7
As you can tell by my blog, this learning adventure was "hard fun" as our OMET professors like to say. I worked so hard on this assignment trying to create a pacman like game that actually works and with music! My little Oyster, Ms Snackman (for copyright purposes) enters the maze and actually eats all the snails making a cute little tune (that I composed) everytime it stops and eats one. The four turtles up above and to the right is the joystick and controls the direction of my oyster. I designed the maze and programed Ms Snackman using Logo. It was difficult but doable. I don't plan on being a game designer any time soon. This adventure helped me to understand the importance of collaborative efforts. As I called on others for advice, I thought how fitting this adventure is for my peer-to-peer support group that will be my action research project. Having the ability to call on a trusted colleague when you need them and do the same for them in return.