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One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)

Press Release by Pepperdine University

  Learning Adventure #8

This was truly an amazing learning adventure. Gary charged us with task of creating a web site to promote One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). OLPC is an organization formed with a vision of putting technology into the hands of all children all over the world. We needed to have our web site up and running by the kick off date, for the G1G1 (Give One. Get One) campaign, of November 17th. The cadre accepted the challenge with tremendous and went to work on the website immediately. My task was to design the homepage. I didn't want to leave this important job to just my ideas, so I presented my list of ideas to the entire cadre via Google Groups discussion thread. I only had two replys, so I assumed my design was acceptable.

BLOG - Posted to Google Groups November 19, 2008

This was and continues to be an exciting, rewarding learning adventure. The cadre, as a whole, came together and created an entire web site to promote One Laptop Per Child’s Give One Get One campaign. Working individually, in pairs, and in small groups, accomplished much in a short amount of time. Colby spearheaded the project providing the web space and web design that got us motivated and moving forward quickly. Colby encouraged me to take the lead on the home page. Together, Colby, Dan and I managed to put together an inviting entrance to an amazing web site. I was, yet again, in awe of the cadre’s multi-talented people. Designers, writers, researchers all had a mission to do more than just complete an assignment for a class. In less than two weeks time, we reached a hefty goal of having a web site up and running by G1G1’s launch date of November 17th. This learning adventure was a way to give back. We are so blessed, and have so much, but oft times take things for granted. I sit here, in the comfort of my beautiful home in the heart of the redwoods, typing away on my Mac OS X laptop, and not 3 feet away is my new PC desktop with a 24” screen. I am always thinking about the next version or model and how much better or faster will it be. At first, it was hard to imagine what will an inexpensive $199 XO would do for a child in a third world country? My question was soon answered by all the research I did for this project. It will do plenty! These simple laptops can transform a child’s life by giving them access to the outside world and provide learning opportunities they might never experience without them. I am proud to have been part of this extraordinary endeavor. Thank you!