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The Comedian

Learning Adventure #9

Assignment: Watch and discuss "Comedian" this week unless you have a moral objection.

I have always found it odd that the word "improv" is associated with comedians, jazz musicians, or actors. Doing stand-up, jamming with
fellow musicians, performing a skit, etc., is a hard earned skill. It takes years and years to perfect one's craft. The beauty of talented
individuals, like Jerry Seinfeld, is that they make it look easy when it's not. In Bob Costa's interview with Jerry Seinfeld, Seinfeld admits that it took him 14 months to come up with the material for a one-hour bit. Costas asked the question that everyone wanted to ask when they heard Seinfeld went back out on the road after such a successful career – WHY? Besides loving that kind of exciting lifestyle, Seinfeld said something very honest, "the skills were too hard won to put down." Sadly, he says the culture has turned away from the Bill Cosby's of the world. He is disappointed that kids these days want the instant fame that shows like American Idol can grant. They aren't willing to work hard for it. I find this culture of instant gratification troubling as well. As Seinfeld puts it, the ethic is missing."To develop and perfect a small thing, to a high level, adds something to the culture."