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Technology and Curriculum

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From the course guide: This course focuses on the role of technology in curricula. Students examine existing and cutting-edge technology tools in light of their relevance to and role in supporting K-12 or higher education curricula. Students explore technology assessment systems from integrated learning systems to portfolio formats. Students determine the resource needs of classrooms and schools, and construct a rationale for the resources required to create an optimal learning environment relevant to an information and communication society. Students develop a case study of their own institutional setting.

From the learner’s perspective: As part of the second stage in your OMET journey, this course should provide you with an opportunity to apply what you understand and value about learning to the theory and practice of educational/instructional design. The journey will involve professional reflection as it will provide opportunities and challenges for you to create local change through the effective design of learning activities, courses, programs and/or broader curriculum, depending on your current environment. The journey will also involve personal reflection in that it will ask you to witness and journal your own development as a designer of educational/instructional activities. Both aspects of the course will ask you to call upon what you will be learning in your mentoring course, therefore I encourage you to make connections between the two often and share these connections with your cadre mates. To gain value from this course you must be both engaged and collaborative throughout its duration as its theory and application will be explored in a constructivist fashion.