Technology Improvement Plan - $100,000

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I think my school is ready for some change.  We have teachers trying to push their curriculums to the next level every year; however, there is a large void in the faculty’s knowledge.  Most seem to know little or none about educational technology.  Educational Technology is a philosophy of teaching rather than something physical.  Understanding how people learn is the first step towards implementing the proper technology to enhance curriculum.  Breaking through the mold of a “traditional classroom” is an essential step towards successfully implementing technology; however, altering faculty views of the classroom and education as a whole are very difficult tasks. 
If I am able to facilitate the development of a community that is passionate about implementing technology that supports students constructing their own understanding of concepts, I will be on my way toward changing the larger community as a whole and successfully implementing technology.  To do this, I propose sending three faculty members on full scholarship to the Pepperdine OMLT program.  Their enrollment will be contingent upon a number of items:

  1. The faculty member must be willing to stay at the school for a period of two years
  2. The faculty member must submit a proposal explaining how they plan to use the degree
  3. One faculty member will be chosen from Lower School (K-5) and one will be chosen from Middle School (6-8) and Upper School (9-12).  The third member shall be selected regardless of division.      
  4. A committee of administrators shall select the three most qualified applicants for the scholarships

Having a core group of faculty with a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology has the potential to impact the entire school.  After graduation, these three faculty members will sit on a committee led by the Chair of Educational Technology and work together to implement plans for integration of technology school-wide.  My plan is to facilitate the development of a community of practice and continually draw more members into the community.  Due to Pepperdine’s progressive, intense program, graduates will have both the tools and knowledge of learning theory and education necessary to build a community around educational technology and assist teachers will projects.
The beauty of this proposal is that it requires no further financial investment after the first year; however, the return on this investment has the potential to last longer than a decade, but will be no fewer than two years.  Graduates will have the tools necessary to change the culture of the school and its faculty members over time.   Furthermore, the change will not be isolated to one part of the school because there will be at least one faculty member from the Lower and Upper/Middle School divisions implementing change alongside the Chair of Educational Technology. 





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$33, 100