Website Revisions

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After reading through Krug's Don't Make me Think, I realized that my site needed a few adjustments; however, I was reassured that I was well on my way to a quality website. I have the distinct advantage of having a very small website, so the task was certainly not as daunting as some of his e-commerce example. What I focused on was making my verbage as concise as possible. I also approached this by working backwards with the following question in mind: what are users coming to my site for and can they get to that easilty and "without thinking?"

I made the following changes to my site:

1. I removed some extra navigation on the top of my webpage - no one wants to go through an extra menu of classes when they can potentially click right on the class
2. I omitted classes that did not contain any information - if they don't have anything, why put them on the site?
3. I changed the name of the navigation on the side to be "Class Portfolios instead of classes - visitors and teachers are coming to my site to see my portfolios, not to find out what classes I am taking.
4. I added course titles and instructor names to the links instead of just the course number - I can't keep the course numbers straight, how can I expect others to?
5. I added mail to: at the top of my portfolio pages so that it is easier for instructors or visitors to give me feedback.