Purpose and Goal of Action Research

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PROBLEM/SITUATION: The problem I want to solve is for my students to become more motivated learners in a classroom where there are multiple opportunities for success. My students should have multiple opportunities to demonstrate their learning and understanding; there should not be only one time chances for success.  Too often kids are limited in their abilities to demonstrate their learning and understanding. Understanding how they learn best and capitalizing on that knowledge will allow for students to have multiple opportunities for success and learning. Students should believe that learning can look, sound, and feel different as it has in the past for them.

Also, students should not settle for a D and not allow the D to be passing. Instead, I want my students to be able to revise an assignment as many times as possible in order that they will truly show their learning and understanding.  In order to move on in school, students should truly have to show they learned the material. Students should not settle in their lives for the minimum but instead foster a greater understanding of what it means to be a successful learner. I want my students to push themselves with their learning and understanding with my assistance in creating a supportive environment that allows for them to learn and achieve in ways they never thought possible.

Students should have a say in their education and learning so that they will be more successfully motivated developing a greater understanding of their learning. I hope that with the changes they experience in my classroom will enable them to be successful life long learners. Education exists for the kids; it is not something done to the kids.

As engaged learners, my students will examine and understand the learning process with me.  I want the skills of reading, writing, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration to grow and flourish so that these skills benefit them in all areas of their academic career.  Collaboratively with my students’ assistance, we will create a safe, nurturing, 21st century learning environment allowing for my students to be the best version of themselves while collaborating with their peers in order to develop life long skills.  


PURPOSE: The purpose of my Action Research is to motivate my students to be engaged successful learners through a classroom environment where they are participants and leaders.