This page contains the student survey and the responses that were received. 150 students were randomly selected to participate in this survey. Copies of the survey were sent to them via campus mail. 68 (46%) responded.
Dear Student,

We are continually assessing the ways and means by which we can best serve you as a student, as a valued member of the Pepperdine community. As part of that effort, you have been randomly selected to provide critical feedback regarding your experience with the administrative services that you have received through the OneStop personnel. Since this is a random selection process, we do not know whether or not you have had contact with these staff members. Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey and return it via campus mail using the enclosed addressed envelope. Your responses will remain anonymous and will serve to help us assess with a focus on improving the service that we provide for you. Your honest and frank feedback is highly valued. We look forward to receiving your responses.

Gender: 27 (40%) Male ---- 41 (60%) Female

# of units completed:_________

2 Freshmen (3%)
31 Sophomores (46%)
28 Juniors (42%)
7 Seniors (11%)

Major:__________ (Counted by academic divisions)

6 Undeclared (9%)
9 Communication (13%)
12 Business (18%)
0 Religion (0%)
4 Fine Arts (6%)
14 Natural Science (20%)
9 Social Science (13%)
2 International Studies (3%)
12 Humanities/Teacher Education (18%)

1) During the Spring 2003 semester, I have had “face to face” interaction with the OneStop staff: (please check one):

1 - 3 times: 39 (57%)
4 - 6 times: 23 (34%)
7 -10 times: 6 (6%)

2) During the Spring 2003 semester, I have had “phone” interaction with the OneStop staff: (please check one):

1 - 3 times: 45 (66%)
4 - 6 times: 19 (28%)
7 -10 times: 4 (6%)

3) During the Spring 2003 semester, I have had “e-mail” interaction with the OneStop staff: (please check one):

1 - 3 times: 21 (31%)
4 - 6 times: 22 (33%)
7 -10 times: 3 (4%)
None: 23 (34%)

4) What three words or phrases would you use to explain your definition of effective?

  • Get the job done
  • Take care of business
  • Complete (6x)
  • Meets my needs/Fulfills Needs(14x)
  • Right on
  • Correct (17x)
  • Knows what you're doing/Knowledgeable (18x)
  • It works!
  • efficient (12x)
  • No hassle
  • Instills confidence in me
  • Does what it's supposed to
  • Meets purpose

5) OneStop has been effective in meeting my administrative needs. (please check one)

Strongly Agree: 46 (68%)
Agree: 20 (29%)
Mildly Agree: 2 (3%)
Strongly Disagree:

6) What three words or phrases would you use to explain your definition of efficient?

  • timely/quick (28x)
  • no repeats
  • effective (9x)
  • productive (13x)
  • no hassle
  • effortless
  • economical
  • maximum results with minimum efforts
  • easy (8x)

7) OneStop has been efficient in meeting my administrative needs. (please check one)

Strongly Agree: 52 (76%)
Agree: 14 (21%)
Mildly Agree: 2 (3%)
Strongly Disagree:

8) Please check one of the words below to complete this sentence. “OneStop personnel was able to meet _______ of my administrative needs during our interaction(s). (Please note that "more than all" means that in addition to taking care of the matters which you presented, the staff person assisted you in something that you did not intend to take care of when you first made contact.)

More than all: 23 (34%)
All: 33 (49%)
Most: 9 (13%)
Some: 3 (4%)


  • I went in there to change my major, and your staff explained to me how I could have even more of my requirements met by changing my catalog year. She could have just done what I asked, and I would have been very happy. But she went way above and beyond it. I walked out of there with four more requirements already fulfilled than I thought I had, my address got changed, got money from my student account, and movie tickets for the weekend. I hit the jackpot!!! Thanks so much!
  • I always know when I go there that I will be taken care of. It's a good feeling.
  • It would be great if you had a notary public there.
  • Getting a new ID card made and delivered to me in less than 5 minutes was awesome! Thanks for not making me walk up the hill!
  • What? No dry cleaning service? JK!
  • One of these days I am going to find something that you all can't do for me!
  • I found out this semester from OneStop that I still had two more classes to take than I thought. No one had told me this before. I was bummed out, but I wasn't mad because of how helpful Carol was to me.

9) After you met with the OneStop personnel, how many other stops did you have to make at other offices before your original administrative needs were met?

0: 56 (83%)
1: 9 (13%)
2: 3 (4%)

Please feel free to explain here:

  • It would be nice to just have my refund put directly into my bank account so that I wouldn't have to come back to get it.
  • The only time I had to go somewhere else after visiting OneStop was to turn in my request for a transfer of units from the classes I was planning on taking over the summer from the UW. I guess I could have just left it with OneStop and had you guys send it in, but I wanted to know right away.
  • I couldn't get answers to why my loans had not posted, and Edwin could not reach my counselor by phone, so I decided to go talk to her directly.
  • I had to make changes to my schedule for Heidelberg, and you can't do that at OneStop.
  • The line was long at the beginning of the semester, but I knew when it was my turn I'd get everything taken care of. I was right! Thanks! I even got movie tickets!
  • The guy at OneStop talked to me about my DAR but he told me that I should see my advisor to get approval for some exceptions to the requirements. He called and made an appointment for me, so that was great.

10) How can OneStop personnel better serve you?

  • "I wish you had more people working there during the really busy times, like at the beginning of school. The line to get to some help is really long. At least I knew when I got to someone, I will most likely get whatever I need done right there. But it would be nice to be able to do more things online like knowing how much refund I can get, change my major, and things like that."
  • "You need to get someone to answer your phones. Sometimes, I need to talk to someone right away, and I just get voice mail."
  • "PepXpress is not as good as it could be. You might want to look at some other schools' sites and learn from them. There are too many layers you have to go through before you can get to what you need. It's hard to figure out."
  • "If you can get the system to work right during registration, I bet the lines wouldn't be so long. But I am glad you are there early especially when the system is down."
  • "OK... since you asked... Can you open longer hours? It would be great to have access to your staff in the evening hours... I know I can email you and I have... and you're good at getting back to me by the very next day, but at least during the registration time, when I have a problem with my schedule and there's a problem with the system, I just need someone to help."

11) What are some words that your would use to describe OneStop and its personnel?

  • funny (6x)
  • friendly (57x)
  • courteous (22x)
  • stressed (4x)
  • happy (28x)
  • efficient (48x)
  • knowledgeable (49x)
  • helpful (66x)
  • welcoming
  • professional (12x)
  • willing to help
  • able (23x)
  • overworked and probably underpaid

12) Other comments, suggestions, and information that you feel to be helpful in our assessment:

  • "In all my years here, OneStop is one of the best things I have seen. You have made my life so much easier. I tell everybody 'Just go to OneStop' for just about anything. I figure if you can't do it, you'd figure out a way."
  • "My mom saw that I was working on this [survey] and told me that I had to say that Doug was really great! She called after 5pm one day and he already turned off his computer. She said that he actually turned his computer back on and spent another 20 minutes with her on the phone explaining my student account to her. She was amazed! She said thank you!"
  • If you served coffee, you'd be perfect!
  • It would be great if you could have twice or three times as many people working there during the first week of school.
  • If only you could go to class for me too!
  • Don't change a thing! I love it!
  • This doesn't have to do with you, but I just want to tell someone. The DAR is really hard to understand. Isn't there anyway that you can change that? Also, it would be really nice if I could see my whole student account online instead of just one number.
  • You've made it so much easier. Thank you!

If you would like to be a part of a focus group regarding student services later this Fall, please let me know via e-mail ( Thank you for your candid responses. Please know that this information is completely anonymous and will be helpful in our efforts to continually enhance your student experience at Pepperdine.