Spark + Catalyst: Partnership for Learning

By Marty DeWindt




What's New ~ Article Draft

Practice ~ What I Am Doing
Theories ~ Why I Am Doing It
Partnership for Learning pairs a student mentor with a teacher in their major area of interest. The student is a catalyst for technology learning and gains a new perspective of the field through the teacher. Uncovering abilities rather than teaching applications will lead to more effective teaching and learning. Rather than a plan for reform, P4L creates conditions for evolution.
SPARK: a quality with latent potential; something that ignites..   
Teacher's interest area
Subject and not technology related
Teacher's challenging issue
Learning oppportunity that needs fresh approach
Developing the independence to discover and learn for themselves what works in their classroom is improved with a catalyst and a spark. If the teacher is really at home with technology in one area, this will transfer to use of other technology on a wider scope.

CATALYST: agent of change; something that initiates or accelerates action or reaction; something that dissolves or loosens. 
Academic Technology Team
Student brings technology skill
Staff members bring vision and direction

The initial 'jump-start' happens most effectively one-on-one ~ a personal touch through a personal project.

Last Updated: June 25, 2003