Web Site Survey Results

Survey taken on the day of the final.

Pretty and Useful?

Note that while the students generally rated the annotated links, navigation, and readability GOOD or GREAT, usability was rated as only ACCEPTABLE by most of them.

This could be due to several factors. Some reasons might be
xxxxxxthe assignments,
--------student reluctance to use these sources,
--------lack of sources pertinent to their own research
, or
desire to search on their own.

This analysis will help Batz work with the students more effectively next quarter. In our wrap-up meeting, both the professors and the students acknowledged the need for finding a balance in web resources. The goal is to provide viable resources to initiate research rather than to provide so many resources that they have no need to search on their own. They all agreed that a critical skill is to be able to locate and evaluate web resources.


Last Updated on 6/7/03