Overview: Learning (About) Process
Questions: Results and Reflections

Overview: Learning (About) Process
Strategy, Tactics, Technology, and Leadership

I got what I came for!

These conclusions are of a personal nature. The results of this action research project (P4L) are encouraging - even exciting; and they will be touched on here. However, the focus of these conclusions is on how this action research project provided an avenue for my personal progress.  [Note: My article summarizes the results of P4L in greater detail.]

I came seeking change. I have that in spades! I wasn't sure about the nature of that change, whether it would be a career move or personal perspective. My motivators were these.

  • I felt unsure about leading Principia forward in technology integration - a position I created. I knew leadership was needed, but then was not sure how to proceed. I felt we were using a shotgun approach - spray it around and hope it hits something worthwhile. My education degree and credentialling were 30+ years old. Though I read trades and attended conferences, I felt the need for a more rigorous approach to developing goals, strategies, and tactics.
  • I was not satisified with my interactions with others, primarily with both those in my department. I often exhibited a sense of stridency that was counterproductive. This motivator was not as overt. That was partly due to my inability to identify and articulate the issues.

In my concluding paragraph in my application essay for OMAET I noted,

    Iím not certain what my next step will be, but I want to make a difference. I have a breadth of experience on which to build. I have energy and the desire to give back to our world. I feel that this masters program will give me a better sense of direction and the credentials to make that difference.  

Interestingly, I am not sure I have a better sense of where I am going, but I have a much surer sense of how to get there. That 'how' will be with me for life ~ the 'what' will shift with circumstances. Below are four significant points I gained from OMAET that directly apply to a clearer sense of the 'how' of my journey.

  • Strategy/Framework: The idea of action research will play a key role in my path for progress. As Acosta-Sing noted in Edutopia, "We're just kind of learning as we go." (Chen, 2002) While action research is definitely not 'winging it,' it does provide a flexibility and openness for partnering  - for working side by side with collaborators in exploring opportunities.
  • Tactics/Tools: The concepts of collaboration, learning circles, communities of practice, and leadership coupled with educational theories, including project based learning and scaffolding, provide methods for moving forward.
  • Technology/Practice: Geekdom is fun! The practical experience in a variety of tools as method and medium have helped me gain a fluency and vision for effective integration. Completely rebuilding this web site three times improved my tech skills and led to true revision with a shift in focus.
  • Leadership/Life Skills: I have a deeper understanding of leadership. More importantly, for the first time I have tools to change - I have a clearer picturer myself and others and productive ways to approach interaction and leadership.