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April 19

April 26

Personal Growth

The last three weeks have been full. Between wrapping up the course work for the tri (great journals in 639 and 665 - regular and helpful for me), getting Cycle 2 off the ground on March 31st, and work on the Language Lab system for the Upper School, this journal and writing for my ARP has taken a hit.

Let's see: what have I accomplished? I have 3 Partnerships for Learning rolling. The Project Agreement forms are designed and the partners are working on them. I meet weekly with the 3 student mentors and they meet twice a week with their prof. All teams are working on the initial phases of their projects. Student mentors have the needed tech skills for the moment. We have addressed

  • Sociology - one year commitment
  • History - one year commitment
  • Biology - one year commitment
  • One was dropped by mutual agreement - the professor is new to Principia and having some challenges.
  • The Education Department one has not taken off. That has been a bit of a disappointment on several fronts. The department offered to get the applications out to majors and then delayed a week. Surprisingly, NO ed majors responded!! Total shocker for me. Hmmmm ~ must be something in the application that is not working for them... Next week we will hand pick a student - may not be an ed major.

The format for the final ARP "report" will be a series of case studies. I have two HS teachers that are interested in this idea. Probably won't be part of ARP, but P4L is growing.

Let's see: what am I behind on?

  • Cycle Two write-up even though still in process.
  • Lit Review only partly done and needs to be worked
  • Cycle One needs clean-up

April 26

I think I finally have a solid draft of my Background and Lit Review. Combining them into one was hard but helped. I think it is short enough to be readable. I decided to get this down in the best form I could before I sought to publish it. I wanted my own thinking and direction. From this I can tailor it to meet the needs of various publications. I will write more reflections tomorrow.

I need to get the navbar down better than it is now. Way too cumbersome and ugly. I think that will be the Tuesday task. Then my Cylce 1 and Cycle 2. I need that to publish. I assume any reader will want to see results thus far. For me those will be far easier than the background.


Personal Growth

Most significant in my life at the moment is the Fullan book Leading in a Culture of Change. The ideas of building coherence, how to develop leaders, and, particularly, how to work with resistors have made an impact on several current projects.

Cool note: one of the students doing FrontPage is very excited about her work. She noted that she had never thought of herself as a tech person and yet here she his publishing web pages that are used in the class. She asked me this week if she could survey the students about the web site - what's working, how they use it, etc. Of course, I was delighted! So we will do an online survey that may be applied to other courses as well.

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