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Am still struggling with a clear sense of organization for this reporting/sharing process. I know what I want to do with my project and the theory behind it. But getting the process down is a challenge. I realized tonight working on a post for 634 that the Piaget sense ordering is definitely a way I construct meaning. So my penchant for order is my way of having this all make sense. [Note: spent the first week after FETC getting course pages set up now that I have a clearer sense of what I need to do. Much better sense of peace about the semester.]

I do, however, still get caught up in the tech tidbits in order to avoid some of the bigger issues. Below is the result of putting aside the web pages and the quest for order. I used the journal to actually pull together this stuff that has been rattling around in my head.

Lit review has been a challenge - and I think I have finally figured out why. I don't need to focus on the sources for the fact that integration is not occurring well or at all. Or as Alan November pointed out, where is the return on the $40 billion investment in technology?

What I need to focus on is alternative steps that have been and are being taken that are in my range of focus. What alternatives are being explored and tried and with what results? Along with that, I need to pull in any reading from course books and other material that supports my philosophy.

Sections for Lit Review:
1. end goal of teacher technologist with no/less fear
2. teacher driven interest - ownership
3. mentoring - the individual nature of it
4. student mentors - two way nature = empower both
5. web site with resources and guides

So here are some of the lit resources that will need to be woven into the above sections. The first three are web-published. The fourth is not really lit as she is not published.

  1. Wake Forest STARS: I've know about this for about two years and immediately saw the possibilities for my work place. I need to contact them directly about what has worked and what hasn't worked

[Note: this went on with about 6 more programs]

Actual reading sources include

  1. Combining Web-Based Training and Mentorhsip... by Robert Polselli (Jl. of Tech and Teacher Ed, (2002)) is number one on the list. He is working on his doctorate and I have emailed with him once or twice. He added a web-based component but is basically doing what I am implementing. He has added a web component that I am considering. Most important are perhaps the sample tools and structure for this endeavor.

[When this got to 12, I finally started a Lit Review Page...]


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