Journal ~ January

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Progress on the action side:

  • I have been funded for the student-teacher mentor program.
  • I have begun working with the CoP that will implement this. Two students currently working on projects with faculty in a loose relationship that needs to be tightened and aligned with this project
  • My environment project (Stella with a HS bio teacher) will work nicely with my ARP; one-on-one mentoring, online support materials; slight twist - no student mentor and online support will be from the application. This teacher is very tech savvy, just wants to learn this product and use the concepts.
  • My curriculum project (Blackboard with college music prof) will also work with my ARP; this CoP will include a student. This prof is tech savvy in some ways, adventurous in some ways, usually open to new approaches.
  • My mentoring project (Webquests with HS Spanish teacher) gets at the core of my ARP. We are consciously using this webquests to raise her tech abilities and awareness. This teacher is NOT tech savvy, but is very highly motivated to move forward. She is signed up for the Middlebury summer session on tech. While we are working on upgrading the language lab this summer, she wants laptops in her classroom. This presents huge challenges (money not being the least of them!), including her ability to use them. She tends to be shoot-from-the-hip, wants quick fixes, is often unfocused and busy. But she is an excellent teacher. Her flexibilty, energy, and love for kids are unbounded! We have scaled down the webquest project as well as slowed down the approach. I need to check out Jamie McKenzie's website for the 40 minute thinkquests that he has (heard him twice today at METC).
  • The ISTE JRTE is becoming a favorite to peruse. I see how what we are doing is modelled in various ways.
  • METC Conference had a great presentation with concrete ideas on training staff - a plan that actually is working.


Obstacles on the Plan side:

  • I keep finding new ideas and more projects that need to be included in the literature/practice review. They are often ideas that I want to consider in my ARP. So the plan keeps changing.
  • I keep putting my ARP off to last - get everything else out of the way - leave best to last, like dessert. Bad results are
    • I don't spend enough time on this and it is what I care about the most
    • I am often tired when working on my ARP
    • I feel I am letting MM down and that is sad cuz I respect her. I don't 'seek' her approval, but would like the project to reflect all the good that I am gaining from that relationship and from this program.
  • Too much ng. I find I am getting better at skipping what seems trivial (good ol' Ctrl+T), but am sure to read at least one thing from every cadre member at least once a day.
  • I am still not happy with the website and the theme. I want it to be right as this will go on past this program and be the homebase for the program.


Personal Growth:

I want to start this section tonight and add tomorrow night. I find I am increasingly dissatisfied with my approach to people. That must be good! But it sure is painful. I don't listen well enough; I interrupt too often; I am impatient. My mentoring with the Spanish teacher, Diana, will be wonderful. We are long-time friends and she will help me be a better me. I still want to keep my qualities of energy and enthusiasm, devotion to Principia, and genuine love for those committing their lives to supporting this adventure. More tomorrow night.

MM's handling of Dale's Bongo revolt was masterful. Several of us had commiserated with him, but gently offered another way of looking at it. MM's laid it on the line, but with grace and care.

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