Observation Overview




For detailed observations, see the individual case studies.

Sociology ~ History ~ Biology

Monitoring and Measuring My Progress

These are the primary methods for adhering to and adjusting the progress of my project. ARP activities occur many times during the week. Originally, Sunday afternoons and evenings are devoted primarily to my ARP. During the last trimester this shifted to all day Saturday for a larger uninterrupted block of time.

  1. Timeline ~ adjust as needed
  2. Journal ~ rereading older posts frequently
  3. Regular meetings with LC, on-site mentor, student mentors, and participants

Documenting and Data Collection

These tools and types of data are both individual and group. The focus will be on 4-6 individuals.

Data types

  • Interviews
  • Observations ~ both current activities and historic experiences
  • Lesson plans before and after
  • Facuty utilized and created materials (web pages, PowerPoint presentations, etc.)
  • Student created materials from class

Data formats

  • audio recordings
  • written notes, journal,
  • survey for expectations of effective technology integration
  • survey of students enrolled in affected classes

Evidence ~ data used to support my theory (McNiff)

Evidence that supports my new paradigm includes instances when a teacher

  • has become facile enough with technology so that they discover and explore technology options independently
  • teaches himself new components of an application or a new technology process
  • changes the way they teach as a result of new skills

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