November Updated draft of Action
  Journal ~ overview of ARP to date
  Initial draft of Timeline


Redesign site ~ graphics & navigation

  Redesign web page eliminating Hook
  Reread McNiff, Coghlan, WLF, & library web materials gathered so far
  Read Journal for points to note!
  Draft PPT brocure on ARP to share with administrators; include short data gathering from them on what they think the goal for a good tech plan should be.
    Share plans so far with Principia Academic Technology team ~ the K-8 support person, the trainer, the help desk manager for each campus.
January 03/01/10 Final Assessment plan due;
    Firm up
Community of Practice,
Critical Friend,
Validation Team
Subject Collaborators
  Draft student mentor job description
  Work with 1 college faculty and 1 K-12 teacher as partners in researching how to improve tech learning so that they become independent learners.
   Draft assessment documentation process; work with Assessment office, possibly using AQIP process to tie to Principia assessment
   Read Isaacs' Dialogue, Senge's Schools that Learn, Poselli's published article, ISTE's Fall Journal articles
February FETC
   Work down details for collaborations
March   First term ends ~ eval student mentors and faculty/teacher process
    Design and distribute applicaitons for P4L - work with student employment
  Start second group of Subject Collaborators and Student Mentors...possibly
  Heather's wedding
  Work with teachers to choose applicants and notify them
April    Kick off meeting with student mentors - plan regular meetings
   Check in with teachers
   Work with students on Scope documents
May Draft of final presentation
  Monitor progress from both teacher and student perspectives
  Draft Case Histories
  Finalize site and navigation
June Complete Case Histories and Conclusions
  Clean up site
  Share with critical friend
  Work on professional accessories for P4L; draft ideas for presentation
July   Complete presentation ideas
    Final Presentation
    Sleep & Play