Action Research Project Plan


Robert Poselli
Killingly Public Schools
Dayville, CT 06241

Date initiated: 11/03/2002

Read with great interest of your doctoral work in the Journal of Tech and Teacher Ed. The evaluation components are particularly enlightening for me. After years of teacher training, I have been developing a mentoring program here at Principia ( I was intrigued with the WBT component in your approach. For me it addresses (along with the use of student mentors) several issues I have been struggling with (sustaining the learning "tween" sessions, scaling the program with minimal mentors, answers to problems when the mentor is unavailable, etc.)

Over the last three years, I had become increasingly concerned/frustrated over the slow progress in implementing technology in pedagogically meaningful ways here at Principia. With a BA in Education, years of classroom experience, and the last 15 years in tech training, I expected to be more effective. I noted in reading trade publications, that the problem was not unique to Principia (or me!) and so looked for resources to change my approach. I am currently in the Pepperdine University masters program in ed tech. The program is really meeting my need and is about 95% online. The program assumes you either have or can get tech skills on your own and, through an Action Research Project (grad school PBL), focuses on improving practice - both individual and work place.

I was also interested in your comment about the Hawthorne effect in the limitations of the study. I wonder if there is a way that I could add to your study? Are you still working on this program? What has happened in the program since the publication of the article?

Please excuse the length of this email. I was intrigued and encouraged by your project. I look forward to hearing from you.


Date: 11/09/2002


Sorry I didn't get your message earlier. My new address is

Please feel free to contact me anytime. I would be glad to help and I am no where NEAR as picky or critical as Tim...although he is a wonderful advisor!

- Bob


What a great surprise on a gray Saturday afternoon!

When I stumbled on your article, a light went on. I really like the web component and want to include that as well - sort of a Flash "tweening" that takes them forward between sessions.

So, I am interested in what you are doing for the web component - first I need to read more thoroughly your research.