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Ed638a ~ Charlotte, Evelyn, Kathy, Nikki
~ Brandi, Eddy, Pat, Steve
Ed638c ~ Hung, Jason, Lee, Matt
These groups worked and learned together ~ we were each other's critical friends.

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Catalyst + Spark = Partnership for Learning

As a fractal image is developing, the pattern and beauty are often unseen. This can be true of the learning process as well. And just as one mathematical formula can create a wide variety of fractals, each instance of the catalyst + spark can result in a unique creative learning experience.

We are not very successful at guiding teachers in the use of technology in the curriculum. Training classes often do not result in application of ideas or skills.

Research Questions

  • Does mentoring with student technology advisors through a teacher's passionate interest lead to improved teaching through technology integration?
  • Does the teacher transfer tech skills for independent technology integration?
  • How can I improve as an agent of change, as a visionary planner?
1. Establish a model for faculty development so that


2. Apprenticeship in leading change
  • they become so comfortable with technology that it restructures how they teach and
  • they are independent, supporting each other, and going beyond what they learned from me.
  • Change in how I interact with teachers, IT partners, and administrators
  • Change in the methods for integrating technology into the curriculum

Establish a student/faculty mentoring partnership program
  • Partnerships last typically for 1 year at which time the teacher should have some level of independence
  • Both students and faculty must apply; final decisions will be made by StComp or ColComp
  • Students are trained and paid by the program run out of CIS/AcadTech
  • The teacher determines the academic area to be addressed (content or process)
  • The partnership devleops the plan as a team