This report is based on the findings of action research conducted at Greenhill School, an independent pre-k to 12 college preparatory school in the Dallas Texas area. The research focused on the training and development aspect of my practice as the director of technology at the school. There were three distinct cycles of action research starting with a technology skills assessment survey of the current faculty and staff.

The results of this survey refocused each of the additional cycles with the second being an attempt to increase reflective practice of the faculty by formalizing a reflective process utilizing reflective prompts and establishing a means for faculty to engage in dialogue in an on-line forum. The third cycle emphasized a shift in training methodologies used in delivering technology training to the faculty. Rather than focusing on the development of skills, the workshops were structured so that the technology content was situated in the context of the practice of a teacher. Pedagogy of teaching with technology was modeled during these workshops utilizing learning theories as the content of study to be delivered. The emphasis was taken off the development of specific technology skills allowing faculty to experience learning with technology.

The results of these three cycles have allowed me to formulate two additional cycles as follow-up as well as the development and introduction of a new teacher induction program at the school. The teacher induction program will focus on the development of a community of practice with the focus being on the improvement of teaching practices while reflecting on current learning theories. The technology training is incorporated into the delivery and facilitation of the induction program. Teachers will experience learning with technology.