Here I would like to take a moment to thank those that have helped me achieve this moment. First I would like to thank my fiancé and best friend Rhonda Blackburn for her encouragement and patience. Thank you for understanding and encouraging me along the way. I look forward to our next educational adventure together.

I would also like to thank the incredible individuals that comprise the Super Seven Cadre. The honesty, vision, encouragement and support from this group have been incredible. I am honored to be counted among this group: Scott Allen, Karen Connaghan, Tara Cowe-Spigai, Jim Kenney, Matt Midura, Bernard Burchette, Michael Dulay, Karen Elinich, Christain Greer, Kari Hoien, Xing King, Brooke Molnar, Jason Quevedo, Michael Sweeney and Susan Tiss. Thank you for all of your comments and the time sharing ideas via IM and Tapped In. This group is the best.

Margaret Riel needs a special mention. She has been an incredible inspiration throughout this entire project. Thank you for your guidance and your wisdom. You were very gracious in your readings of this work and I appreciate your insight. You have been a force of change within me.

Vince Mikulski, thank you for allowing me to bounce ideas around and Mark Crotty for reading some of my work and being my reality check on this project. Our discussions have been very encouraging.