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Michael Dulay

Timeline '04-'05

Sept. 2004 -identify field of action
-define problem in a manner that clearly focuses the research
-begin literature review to clarify the depth of the problem
-propose that my course schedule be revised to increase the number of sections containing the problem
Oct. 2004 -continue work on literature review
-gather any relevant data directly related to the current problem
-investigate sources of funding to deal with the current problem
-develop and post research questions
-set-up pedagogical blog to reflect on PAR activities
Nov. 2004

-define the cycles of research
-confirm the direction of the research with "critical friends"
-develop questionnaire to most meaningfully collect qualitative data for cycle one
-announce blog to students
-finish and share lit. review before beginning analysis of cycle one data

Dec. 2004

-collect data (quantitative & qualitative) from PSY101 Hybrid Course
-analyze data and conduct self-evaluation
-share blog with colleagues
-plan workshops for public validation (i.e., via staff development to reach the entire college)
-meet with "critical friends" for my peer-validation

Jan. 2005 -begin informal meetings with colleagues to share ideas about educational technology
-plan cycles two and three by refocusing research questions and lit review
-meet with my Educational Technology CoP in Orlando for clarification, focus, and support
Feb. 2005

-continue research on critical literacy & thinking to clarify purpose of assignments
-research critical self-reflection in order to provide substantive support for expanding blog usage
-begin small mentoring sessions with select colleagues to seed CoP

Mar. 2005

-write and reflect on outcomes of cycle one
-clarify workshop plans to share my experience with GCC
-revisit timeline to confirm likelihood of success
-finalize plans for staff development workshops

Apr. 2005 -host educational technology workshop
-work with the staff development program to build a series of ongoing workshops addressing pedagogy and technocentricism
May 2005

-expand mentoring sessions to include other faculty members
-explore funding opportunies

June 2005 -explore the possibility of extending the workshops to include local K12 teachers and administrators
-explore the possibility of re-connecting with the Writing Across the Curicullum project in a different role, emphasizing technology as a means of facilitaing writing instruction
July 2005 -present PAR report for public validation


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