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psychology [May. 12th, 2005|11:12 pm]
[Current Mood | confused]

Explanation- sophisticated
In answering a question I intend to go beyond want the question asks of me. I want the answer to be clear and flow with the support of an example and personal thought.

In class during a lecture I need an insightful story that provides a rich history or context to fully understand the text. I need to be able to view and create a picture to illustrate the importance, meaning and significance of the teaching.

When it comes to writing on the wiki,blog or notes my vocabulary is not that strong so I have to use the thesaurus or in class during a lecture when words are used that I don’t know I look them up and break it down to a smaller less complex word that way I am able to understand.

In a discussion I listen and have a reaction toward the speaker but tend not to respond out loud keeping my ideas and thoughts inside.

I am open toward other people’s thoughts, ideas and feelings whether they are out of the norm or straight forward. I listen to their input toward the discussion and reflect on want they said and then I form an opinion or thought making myself aware of the speaker’s feelings. For example the wiki I read the writers thoughts and take in to consideration the time and hard work they put toward the answer and then I correct want I think needs to be corrected.

Self-Knowledge- wise
I am aware of my boundaries knowing want I can say toward a classmate or a friend being two different types of discussions and tones. I am aware of prejudice within a classroom and society if I feel that something is being said negatively about me- my culture I will say something in a properly matter.
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Maslow's Hierarchy [Apr. 28th, 2005|10:29 pm]
[Current Mood | tired]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs connects to my life through my family and friends (belongingness and love needs) being safe with a roof over their head, food in their stomach, clothes on there back (physiological needs) and when they are home, driving or when they go some where they are safe and careful. (Safety needs) I want them to happy and when they’re sad I can help them and make it better.(Esteem needs)Through my family and friends and their safety both mental and physical I connect to Maslow's Hierarchy. However I do not feel the need to reach self-actualization as long as my family and friends are doing good I'll be ok maybe that's a part of self-actualization I don't think it is but who knows.
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Learning [Apr. 21st, 2005|08:54 pm]
[Current Mood | excited]

When I was a toddler I learned from my Nana, Nano, Mom, Dad and other adult influences like my Tio’s and Tia’s. When I was told don’t touch the fire it will burn you or don’t eat that you’ll get a tummy ache I learned not to do that because I can get hurt. Throughout preschool and kindergarten I watched Sesame Street religiously where the Count taught me numbers, Big Bird taught me people’s feelings, Ernie and Bert taught me about friendship, the Honkers taught me the letters of the day and Elmo taught me even the little guy or girl can do anything a big person can. When elementary school started teachers taught me my subjects-math, science, art, religion, history, music and spelling. I continue to learn through my parents, family even my younger brother. Today I know that I can learn from school but most importantly I learn from experiences in my life and the world around me. I learned how to learn through constant repetition- every time I tried something bad I was told no that’s bad don’t do it, constantly watching Sesame Street- having the Count say 1-2-3-4-5 etc. everyday or learning a new letter and by going to school.
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[Mar. 31st, 2005|04:36 pm]
[Current Mood | determined]

I think that medicine is based on good science. Here's why my family is a high risk for cancer and other diseases. In the past my Nana has had breast cancer and two open heart surgery's and my Nano has had skin cancer through the medicine field they were able to receive proper treatment and defeat the cancer. My Nana made it through two open heart surgery's due to medicine and the knowledge of the doctors knowing the proper techniques to perform open heart surgery. Medicine has allowed my mom and Nana to control their diabetes.Medicine helped my mother when she was pregnant with my brother. My brother had plans on coming out early however my mother received medicine reducing the risk of my brother being born early.Without the doctors and the medicine I could have lost both my mother and brother.When my brother Mathew was four they told my parents he would go deaf and should start to learn sign language but the field of medicine was able to come to his rescue and he had surgery where they put ear tubes in his ears fixing the damage done. Medicine has help my family in many ways and without it I would not have some of them with me today.
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Consciousness is defined...............and I can prove it in my life by/when [Mar. 17th, 2005|05:20 pm]
[Current Mood | happy]

Consciousness is defined as the personal awareness of mental activities, internal sensations and the external environment. William James, an American psychologist saw consciousness as a "stream" or "river" because even though consciousness is always changing it is unified and unbroken just like a stream. Consciousness is personal and subjective. I can prove that consciousness is in my life through school. I sit in class listening to the teacher focused on the words he/she are saying and writing notes down throughout the hour or hour an half. I take the bus home and even then my consciousness is awake focusing and staying aware looking for the bus I take and when I am riding the bus my consciousness affects me through reviewing the lessons from the classes I just had or the work that needs to be done when I get home. I live in Highland Park/Eagle Rock and in order to get to the side of my house I have to climb over a huge hill. I could take the bus but that takes to long so I walk it. When I first began to walk the hill I thought maybe I should I have taken the bus or man this hill is huge and that would be my consciousness speaking. I please to say now I walk it without a problem sometimes I even bet the DASH plus it is a good workout for my muscles help build them up for soccer. Soccer is also another time consciousness plays a role in my life I have to listen to my coach and teammates. Throughout practice I have to listen to my coach and do the drills he/she whats me to do and when I do those drills I have to be aware and focus to make sure I am doing them correct and better than the rest. In a I have to stay focus and listen to the coach to see if he wants me to switch positions with a player or move up and I also have to be aware of my teammates especially the goalie. I have to listen to my teammates because we tell each other what player to cover, we call the ball and anticipating a pass and figure out what needs to be improve so we can score and win the game. I have to be aware of the game and find out what side or players are weak on the opposing team,how to work the ball and talk to my teammates. Along with being ready to attack a player and steal the ball creating a opportunity to shot on goal. Throughout the whole game my consciousness is right there beside me. I never realized how much of my day is filled up with consciousness.
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psychology: self-intro [Feb. 24th, 2005|03:18 pm]
[Current Mood | energetic]

Hello! My name is Sara. This is my first year in college I graduated from Holy Family High School, right here in Glendale last year. However this is my first semester at GCC I took a course- social science during the winter. My major is Native American studies with a minor in history. Before GCC I attended L.A Mission in Sylmar during the summer and fall semester. At L.A Mission I played soccer which I have played since I was four and will continue to play here at GCC and where ever I transfer to. I intend to play professional soccer whether it is the WUSA- that's the women's professional soccer league or the Women's National Soccer team in the United States or I will go outside of the country to Australia or Mexcio to play soccer. It doesn't matter where I live just as long as I am playing soccer.
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