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Michael Dulay

Sample: Critical Self Analysis

1. On a scale of 1-100 (100 is perfect), please rate your overall response:   93

2. How do you justify your rating?

I know how hard I studied for this, not only since we received the questions, but during the entire course. I read the assignment book each week, read what others wrote on Wikki and did a lot of research on my own.

I have a working understanding of the different types if psychotherapy   and even though I forgot some of the things I wanted to say, I shouldn't have worn that bracelet, and I say um to often, my examples and answer shows that I do know the types of psychotherapy and how they work.

I rated myself at 93 because of a couple of key points that I missed. I didn't clearly state the question in the beginning, I didn't articulate some points as well as I would have liked to and I completely forgot a couple of things that I would have like to have included.

3. Please write out you entire opening statement (first sentence).

"Okay, um, psychotherapy is basically, ah, designed to, to look at a person's problem or illness and try to get them to a place of normalcy (what we consider normal) and. Um, there are several different schools."

3a. Did this statement completely address the question posed?     Yes


While it does give the main idea of the question, I did not repeat the question, or list the three types of psychotherapy that I planned to talk about before I started talking about the first approach to psychotherapy.

4. Were there errors in content that you made or exclusions (i.e., things that you did not say), but should have?      Yes        
Select the two most significant errors and exclusions and elaborate on the significance of each.

4a. error/ exclusion #1

  In the very first type if psychotherapy that I planned to talk about I could not remember what it was called, I did remember the founder of the type of therapy, Albert Ellis, but the name Rational-Emotio0nal Therapy (RET) would not come to mind. I also failed to articulate how that type of therapy works, as in that the person learns how they feel isn't wrong but how they deal with it, and why they feel the way they do is what they need to work on.

4b. error/exclusion #2:

I totally forgot the last type of psychotherapy that I had planned to talk about, which actually was Group & Family Therapy. I had a total blank out, so when you suggested the Humanistic approach, I thought, I know that, so I'll go with that. I couldn't remember what I had planned to talk about the value of that kind of therapy, such as cost, per counseling, being in a safe group, etc. and the goals of that type of therapy such as helping a family to communicate, problem solve, and intimacy.

5. Overall, discuss the ways that you could have better answered the questions?

I feel I could have been more articulate. I could have had more of the lingo, but as I had told you in the past...I don't think like that. I think in terms of how it affects my life and those I love and care for. I see the whole picture and I understand it, but I don't always remember the "word for word: terms.   I wanted to do better on giving the definition of psychotherapy and the three approaches that I planned to share. I think I could have lined them out in a clearer fashion.

6. How does your question relate to the overall theme of the class?

I feel that it very much related to the overall theme of the class because the theme of the class is that Psychology is more than just   a science of mind, to be learned and forgotten unless you are going into the field. It's relevant to everyone's life on a daily basis. It's relevant in how we are marketed to, how we solve our problems, raise our children and feel about ourselves. My question and how I answered it does demonstrate that I understand the theme of the class. I am taking away with me much more than a grade and units I can transfer. I am taking away with me an understanding of psychology and the different schools of thought and how they pertain to my life. This class has affected how I look at the way parents deal with their children, how marketers go about selling me things on TV and how they make me feel about myself in the "classical condition" that is used in advertisements.


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