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RATIONALE:   How and Why are the two central questions of this course.   They are the questions that should guide us toward an understanding of behavior and mental processes.   As we begin our exploration of the axioms ( rules/principles ) and theories ( how the axioms fit together ) of others, we should explore our own.   This assignment involves the development of your own theory of human behavior.   More importantly, it is intended to provide you with a framework for exploring the causes and correlates of your own behavior.

ASSIGNMENT: Develop your theory about how you learn.   Use yourself (i.e., your behaviors and mental processes) as the primary example for your theory, focusing on your experiences in school.

Your essay should reflect your own views, and not those found in my lectures or in your text.   In either case, use your own words to elaborate on your theory. It should be unique to who you are, and what you believe. There are NO right or wrong answers.   I will focus on the cohesiveness of your views.   Specifically, when I grade, I will ask myself the following questions:

Did you state a thesis (or main idea)?   Did you support it?   How well do your thoughts fit together?

Your essay should be no less than one page in length, using ONE-inch margins and a standard (12 point) font.   A well stated theory should be approximately 1 1/2 pages long.   It should be typed, double-spaced, and free of grammatical and/or spellings errors.   It is due on: ____________.  

Remember, if you have difficulty writing or are unsure about this assignment, PLEASE see me.


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