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Research Outline

Rationale: As part of your first writing assignment, you developed your own theory of human behavior.  Your views were supported by personal reflection and experience.  In short, your views were the ÒproofÓ that you used to support and defend your theory.  The Research Outline is your opportunity to turn your personal theory into a scientific one.  It is your chance to support your views with two (or more) scientific studies from the field of psychology. 

Assignment:  Provide a scientific basis for your personal theory.  Your submitted work MUST include:

1) a one paragraph summary of your theory of human behavior and mental processes
2) an outlined review at least TWO scientific articles that support your theory.  Each review must include:

  • a)    an APA reference for the source
  • b)    the hypothesis
  • c)    a description of the sample
  • d)    the type of research method used
  • e)    a one paragraph summary of results, connecting your theory to the research conducted

3) a copy or print out of the first two pages of the articles selected

Using PsychArticles Web

on the Library's main page, click EBSCOHost (in the left column)
select EBSCOHost Web
select PsychArticles & click ENTER
Your assignment should be written in a way that integrates your own views with the findings of scientific research.  Outline format is acceptable for item #2 only.  Item #1 MUST be written using complete sentences and paragraphs.  You should use your own words to summarize what was discovered in the study that you select.  Do not plagiarize
When I grade, I will ask myself the following questions:
  • Did you briefly re-state your theory so that it connects to the articles selected?
  • Did you include ALL of the information required in item #2?
  • Were your selections appropriate for your topic?
  • Did you demonstrate an understanding of the article in your discussion of their results/findings?
  • How well do your thoughts fit together?
  • Did you properly cite the resources that you used?
Your paper should be no less than two pages in length, using ONE-inch margins and a standard (12 point) font. It should be typed, double-spaced, and free of grammatical and/or spellings errors.  It is due on: _______________________.
Please remember to talk with me if you have difficulty writing or are unsure of what I expect you to accomplish with this assignment.


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