Curriculum for Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Using Understanding by Design

EDC 665

Audience 每 9th 每 12th grade students
Subject Area 每 Foreign Language
Course - Chinese
Unit - Learning about the Similarities and Differences of the School Life in China


Desired Results Learning Experiences
6 Facets of Understanding Course Syllabus
Acceptable Evidence Unit Assessment Rubrics

Affective 每
Students feel profoundly connected to the world through the use of e-mail communication.
Students feel enthusiastic about the learning from their Chinese peers.
Students feel confident about what they have learned about the similarities and difference between their school life and their peers' life in China .
Students feel excited about their demonstration using technologies.  

Behavioral 每
Students will create a presentation 每 that will offer a clear demonstration that the student has acquired a strong enough sense of the similarities and differences between cultures that he/she can impart information and ensure understanding in others.
Students will acquire a base of vocabulary that is solid enough to allow them to have clear, text based, email communications with their peers on a level that is appropriate for their age.
Students will peer teach and intuitively use the applications without formal training
Students will pull all data, photos, and other information together to generate reports  

Cognitive 每
students understand the differences of the school life in China .
Students will know how to use the newly learned vocabulary and grammar points in their presentation.