Students' Reflection on their Project-based Learning and Technologies

"Studying one's own learning process...can be a powerful method of enhancing learning." (Papert, 1993)

The reflection assignment:

Reflection Questions:

1. What did you do for this project?

2. What have you learned from this project-based learning?

3. What can you do better next time?

4. What roles did technologies play in this project-based learning?


Data Collected:

Selections from students reflection on learning: Selections from students reflection on technologies:

From this project I have learned many things. I have learned how to record voice on the slides and how to arrange them. I have learned about my e-pal's life in China at her school and how her school differs from ours. I have learned how to pronounce the words in Chinese better because the rest of my group helped me. I have learned new characters and have also learned how to use the technology better. - ML


In this project technology plays a huge role. Without it we would not even be able to communicate with our e-pales in China. By using the internet and PowerPoint we have been able to create great presentations and as technology improves we will be able to do lots more things. - ML

This project has taught me many things. It has taught me a lot the Chinese school system, facts like they only have one day of a week off. I also learned a lot about working in a larger group, and how to handle a problem in that group. I also learned more about using PowerPoint, like how to record narration on the slides and make the timing go automatically. - BF

We could not have done this project without technology. We used e-mail to get the answers to our questions with our pals in China, so we could start our project. We used the Internet to find pictures of their school, so our project looked more colorful. We used PowerPoint and its narration device so the project would have our voice. The project looks much better than it would have without the technologies we used. - BF

During the making of the e-pal PowerPoint presentation, I learned a lot. I mainly learned about our e-pals' school life, and I thought it was very interesting. I also learned about the way PowerPoint works. I learned how to record my voice into the PowerPoint, which I had fun doing. During the recording, I found out that I could improve a lot in my pronunciation and speaking. - GJ

Technology was basically the entire project. The only non-technological part of our presentation was us thinking. The PowerPoint was done on computers. We used a camera to take pictures to put in the PowerPoint, and we sent the presentation with e-mail. - GJ

I learned a lot most of it about the Chinese school system. I learned that the Chinese have a lot more serious system. If you are not excelling, you have to meet the teacher every day. My e-pal is starting not to like it because he has learned about our school from me.

I improved reading the characters. My pronunciation also improved. I had to pause too much, but my brain could handle it. I also improved my technology skill. I need to work on my vocabulary. - CWL

Technology made this all happened. Without it we could not even e-mail the people, much less make a PowerPoint. Technology allows us to speak into the computer and hear it whenever we want. Without technology, we couldn't be able to learn from e-pals as quickly and efficiently. - CWL

From this project I have learned many things. One of the most important things that I learned was how to record narration onto the slide. THis was a fun part of the project. Some other things I learned from this project were how to set timings on the whole presentation so that it ran correctly. Lastly, I learned about the school system in China. They are very different from the schools in America. They are allowed to choose more classes than we do and the schools are a bit stricter. - SY

In this project, technology played a very important role. By having the internet, we were allowed to e-mail our e-pals and ask them questions about their school system. Also our whole presentation was made on Microsoft PowerPoint. Lastly we could send things to each other by e-mail in order to get the project done faster. - SY