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My inquiry for this cycle of the research focuses on how the project-based learning deepens learning. When describing learning environments in which children collaborate around meaningful projects and powerful ideas, the learning theorist, Seymour Papert states that kids will work in communities of common interest on rich projects that will connect with powerful ideas. ( Seymour Papert ). Would the project that the students designed in the second quarter allow them to get a new sense of themselves as learners - that setting a goal and working to achieve it is something valuable to them?

Ongoing assessment helped students review, revise, and improve their learning and their products. Students would use the numerous reflections they had done during the course of the first semester to reflect upon their learning in their own portfolio. Would their reflections reveal meta cognition?

In this cycle, the students will continue to use communication and multimedia technologies, as well as video presentation technology as tools which scaffold their collaborative knowledge building.