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Where to go from here...

I will continue my exploration and use of new technologies that would allow my students to communicate in real time and real world over the Internet with their peers in China. I will explore the possibility of using the real time conversation technology such as SKYPE for my students to talk to their Chinese peers. I believe the use of the real time conversation technology that allows free phone service over the Internet will enhance students' speaking ability. I will continue to develop the use of the project-based learning techniques and to bring more of these activities to my other Chinese classes including the lower levels.

Ongoing feedback and metacognition will continue to be emphasized. In order for student reflections to be more meaningful I will have them share their thoughts with others. I think this kind of dialogue can help them learn more. I also became aware that the parents need to see what their students have really learned and not just a grade on a paper. Formative assessment (coaching for success) allows students to review, revise, and redeem themselves to make better grades and learn more. Although student reflections still lack the depth that I had envisioned, students made major strides in thinking about their learning. Revealing their perceptions and thoughts can be a catalyst for more learning.

I am requested by the Bishop's School to share my learning experience from OMET with my colleagues because so much of what I have been doing is representative of the approach that the school would like to encourage more teachers to explore. I want to encourage and help my peers integrate technologies into their classrooms.

Finally,  to be a leader in Educational Technology, I am striving.  Always remember: "The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible." - Arthur C. Clarke.


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