EDC 664


Click on the above words or music note to play the music

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Reflection on Learning Notepad:

Notepad itself was easy to learn based on my prior knowledge and experiences of learning new software. Reading the help file for the basic functions of the software and doing the exercises provided by the software helped me start to run Notepad quickly. However, composing music was the first time in my life. It was a challenge for me although I enjoy very much listening to music. This part of the learning made "hard fun" for me.

In "The Classic View of Learning and Forgetting" of The Book of Learning and Forgetting, Smith explains that we "learn from the company we keep." When doing this assignment we were encouraged to share our knowledge and learning experiences to complete the assignment. In this way, I was able to use the strengths of other cadre members and to learn from others. I could get answers to my question quickly from our BB. I was also happy to provide on-line resource for others to learn music theory.

Through the learning of notepads and my music skill development, I saw the beauty of this assignment; that was by using computer to design digital music to gain insight of learning process, and acquire the first-hand experience of how learning happens. In this learning process, knowledge sharing and construction played an important role. This learning activity also involved creative thinking (what music to create), problem solving (how to find solutions to the problems encountered), risk taking (trial, error, and trial again).

With this assignment as an example, I am going to design an assignment for my students to design their projects. I want to continue to see how collaboration learning and knowledge sharing promote student's deep understanding.

A pleasant learning experience for me.