Student Rubrics

Project Based Learning

The value of the project = 180



(20 - 16)


(15 - 11)


(10 - 6)

Below Ave.

(5 - 0)

Scores by peers / teacher

Design Ideas

Creative, authentic, challenging, collaborative

3/4 of excellent

2/4 of excellent

1/4 of excellent




Every task is on schedule.

1 or 2 tasks are behind the schedule.


3 or more tasks are behind the schedule.

Significantly behind the schedule





Demonstrates cooperation, respect, and leadership, helps others in the group, and does the assigned work without having to be reminded, performs all duties of assigned team role.


Cooperative, participates and follows the lead of others, does the assigned work-rarely needs reminding, performs nearly all duties.


Does little to participate; lets others do the work, rarely does the assigned work--often needs reminding, Performs very little duties.

Always relies on others to do the work, does not perform any duties of assigned team role, usually argues with teammates.


Homework and Work Habits


Homework and assignments completed always on time and all corrections are made.

Homework and assignments usually completed on time. All mistakes are corrected except 1 or 2.

Some assignments and homework completed on time; Some mistakes are corrected. 3 or 4 are not corrected.

Few assignments and homework complete one time; Never correct mistakes. No homework completed




Rich use of vocabulary, without any character mistakes.

Adequate and accurate use of vocabulary with 1 to 3 character mistakes.

Somewhat inadequate and/ or inaccurate use of vocabulary with 4 ĘC 7 character mistakes.

Inadequate and/or inaccurate use of vocabulary, with more than 8 character mistakes.




Correct use of the grammar we have learned without any mistake.


Most correct use of the grammar we have learned with 1 to 3 mistakes.

Somewhat correct use of the grammar we have learned with 4 to 7 mistakes.

Inadequate or inaccurate use of the grammar we have learned with 8 mistakes.




Text readily comprehensible, requiring no interpretation on the part of the reader.

Text comprehensible, requiring minimal interpretation on the part of the reader.


Text mostly comprehensible, requiring interpretation on the part of the reader.


Text barely comprehensible.



Oral Presentation


Speech continuous with few pauses or stumbling. No English.


Some hesitation but manages to continue and complete thoughts. Some English.


Speech choppy and/or slow with frequent pauses, few or no incomplete thoughts. Most English.


Speech halting and uneven with long pauses and/or incomplete thoughts. Most English.








Below Average