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Master of Arts in Educational Technology, Pepperdine University, California

Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine, California


Professional Experience -
Small eBusiness Management & Operation:

Localization and translation of websites, software, and documentation in the fields of business & technology into the Chinese language from English and vice versa. Assistance to American businesses to target millions of Chinese readers world-wide so to increase their market exposure anywhere the Chinese language is spoken

Software localization.

  • database files
  • dialog boxes
  • error messages
  • help files
  • menus
  • readme files
  • software labels

Website localization

  • convert text into image
  • maintain image original integrity
  • make all links connected
  • redesign graphic embedded with text
  • retain original format
  • translate text files

Document translation

  • business card
  • business plan
  • brochure
  • marketing material
  • newsletter
  • report
  • technical manual


Professional Experience -

Curriculum designer, developer and instructor, The Bishop's School, San Diego, California

  • Designed and developed levels 3, 4, and 5 Chinese language courses, and implemented successfully in classrooms
  • Created curriculum that supported collaborative learning opportunities and experience. Backward deign approach was used as the theoretical framework for the curriculum design with affective, behavioral, and cognitive objectives
  • facilitated students' learning through constructivist Project-Based Learning (PBL) with the students in China using synchronous and asynchronous communication technologies and presentation technologies


Professional Experience -
Business Development:

Member of the Board of Directors at San Diego Hua Xia Chinese School, California

  • Founded and built the Chinese credit program which was accredited by three school districts in San Diego to allow public high school students to learn Chinese as their foreign language course

Professional Experience -
Software engineering:

Software engineer at Teledyne Controls, an avionics company, Los Angeles, California

  • Designed, developed, implemented, tested, and documented various projects including flight simulation and real time data acquisition systems, avionics and ground-related electronic systems for commercial air transport, business and regional aviation, government and military applications.

Software engineer for Vitacom, a medical equipment company, Orange, California

  • Designed, developed, implemented, tested, and documented software for various medical equipment

Computing Literacy:

  • Excellent facility with the PC environment and the Web
  • Excellent skills with MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint) in both English and Chinese
  • Excellent skills with website development and maintenance tools (e.g., MX/Dreamweaver) in both English and Chinese
  • Proficiency in image and graphics editing (e.g., Photoshop) in both English and Chinese
  • Knowledge of digital video/audio editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Windows Movie Maker)