Bennett, N., & Trofanenko, B. (2002b). Digital Primary Source Materials in the Classroom. Museums and the Web 2002.
   Retrieved November 2004, from

"Through this project, we are introducing a broad group of K-12 teachers, museum curators, educators, and librarians to digital cultural heritage materials. Our goal is to provide them with training and professional development activities to enable use of primary source materials in the classroom and in museum and library education programs."

"In the new Teaching with Digital Content project, K-12 teachers from four Illinois school districts (Bloomington Public School District #87; Champaign School District #4; Springfield Public School District #186; and Urbana School District #116) are working together with ten museum and library partners."

This project is an important model. They have engaged teachers to develop classroom activities related to primary sources. They provide technology instruction to help teachers use the online tools. Where they differ, however, is in the direct use of artifacts. The teachers adapted to the structures and plans that the museum staff designed for them. I want to investigate what happens when the teachers construct the structure.