McLoughlin, C. (1999). Scaffolding: Applications to learning in technology supported environments. In EDMEDIA 1999: World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia & World Conference on Educational Telecommunications. Proceedings. (11th, Seattle, Washington, June 19-24, 1999.) (ED446740)

"Scaffolding is a form of temporary support offered to a learner to assist in the process of becoming a skilled practitioner."

"As the World Wide Web becomes increasingly integrated into the delivery of learning experiences...the concept of scaffolding needs to be redefined because it is not readily translated into into contexts where the teacher is not present, as in online environments."

The author surveys a variety of technologies that are serving as scaffolds for online learning. While the author does not speak directly to primary source materials, the ideas of scaffolding have direct relevance to my work. Note that one tool that is recommended is the Scardamalia & Bereiter Computer Supported Intentional Learning Environments (CSILES) that I read about in Surpassing Ourselves.