Silverman, L., & O'Neill, M. (2004). Change and Complexity in the 21st-Century Museum. Museum News, Nov/Dec, 37-43.

Great article about re-thinking museum education!

"Despite many museum workers' enthusiastic reception of education scholar Donald Schoen's 'reflective practitioner' concept ... too many museums remain noticeably uncommitted to the development of a deeper understanding of the field as a cornerstone of practice." p.38

"When we embrace the complexity of visitors as human beings, it soon becomes clear that people can and do welcome both expert interpretation and their own meanings." p.39

"Most discussions of the shift from an inward focus on collections to an extroverted focus on the public obscure the very essence of museums: the interaction between people and objects." p.41

"[Museums] uniquely provide a variety of spaces and contexts and invite people to encounter and contemplate the tangible artifacts of life. It is from such interactions between people and objects that a multitude of meanings emerge." p.41

"Every piece of communication apparatus--from exhibit labels to computer terminals--should foster interaction between people and objects and direct attention to the resonance of the objects." p.41