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Action Research Project Portfolio




Framing the Research Question

Field of Action Research:


My field of action is The Franklin Institute Science Museum, particularly its educational technology programs department. I will work with an invited group of in-service K-8 teachers of science who will collaborate with my educational technology team and the Institute's Curatorial department.




The Institute's amazing collection of primary source documents from the history of science and technology is not accessible to teachers or the general public.


Possible Solution:


Provide online access to the primary sources, accompanied by teacher-developed curricular connections.




All teachers will have access to primary sources. The invited group of teachers will have developed their professional skills. My team will have gained perspective from working with the teachers. The curatorial team will have expanded access to its documents.


Research Question:


If I involve K-12 teachers in the development of online resources using primary sources, will we find better ways for museum educators to make primary source documents from the history of science and technology useful for classroom learning?


Possible Cycle Questions:


1. After I learn more about how K-12 teachers currently use primary source documents in their classroom practice, what new strategies can I propose for making better use of our documents?



2. If I involve K-12 teachers directly as interpreters of the original case file contents, in what ways will our online presentations be more useful for K-12 education?



3. If I develop an audience for the online presentations, will teachers use them in ways that make a difference for school learning? If so, can we distill a new model for the national online museum education field?