Student Provocateurs: Empowering Student Voice and Democratic Participation Through Film

Are you concerned about cynicism and apathy in young people? Can our democracy  survive if people don't participate? Video is the medium of information for an entire generation. Its power transcends the everyday and brings audiences to places residing only in their dreams and the depths to which it can touch the viewer are undeniable. Our country’s history is rich with movements that have helped shape our world. Today’s students will be the leaders of tomorrow and they need experiences designed to strengthen their understanding of the importance and power of social activism for positive change. As educators, we have taken on the task of showing them the tools that are available and helping them grow the skills they will need to be successful.

Creating a film that gets people to think gives students a reason to think, write and work together well. With this high interest method, students ask and answer their own questions, do in-depth research, engage in thoughtful dialog, learn how to build interest, provoke thought and focus adults' attention on issues. Student Provocateurs offers students the opportunity to engage in meaningful learning where they are tasked with creating a film that highlights an issue that is important to them and is designed to generate dialogue among the films viewers.

A provocateur is one who is assigned the task of creating unrest and debate about a topic they are deeply committed to. Goals of the Student Provocateurs Program:

Student Provocateurs integrates storytelling, technology, and learning with the goals of environmental preservation, public awareness, and democratic participation. Students accepting a role in the program are challenged to produce a provocative film addressing an environmental issue critical to the sustainability of the natural world.