Action Research Questions

The action research project was guided by the following questions:

Will students engage with social issues when they have film as a medium
to provoke others?

Embedded Questions
1. Can an instructional film be created that will inspire and direct
student film production?
2. Will students embrace the opportunity to express ideas important to
them through film?
3. If this program is successful, what are its key characteristics?
4. If it is successful, what will be necessary to bring it to a larger
audience in the future?

Will students be able to use film as a way to engage others with important

Embedded Questions
1. Will offering the opportunity to work with digital filmmaking increase
student digital literacy skills?
2. Will it increase their interest in communication?
3. Will students be willing and able to reveal important issues through

Creating Dialogue
Will the final product generate dialogue among adults surrounding the
issues presented in the film and increase student awareness of their
influence on dialogue?

Embedded Questions
1. What will the audience be saying about the issues raised in the film
after the showing?
2. How will the students respond?