Student Provocateurs: Enhancing Public Debate and Awareness of Local Environmental Issues by Involving Students with Film

Produced by Bradford Davey
Technology For Learning Consortium, Inc. (Partener)

Pepperdine University (Masters in Educational Technology Program)

Many programs provide rich film exposure such as The American Film Institute's Silver Theatre and Cultural Center which offers the Educational Screenings Program (ESP) for Washington area public and private Schools, the Screen Education Center, also sponsored by AFI, Apple Education Movie Books which helps young students bring their artistic stories to life, and the British Film Institute which believes in enhancing education through video integration.  Few educational film programs however, encourage students to become actively involved in not only telling a story but also increasing public awareness of important environmental issues.

Video is the medium of information for an entire generation.  Its power transcends the everyday and brings audiences to places residing only in their dreams and the depths to which it can touch the viewer are undeniable.  Our country’s history is rich with movements that have helped shape our world.  Today’s students will be the leaders of tomorrow and they need to grow to understand their power and ability to enact positive change.  As educators, we have taken on the task of showing them the tools that are available and helping them grow the skills they will need to be successful.

A provocateur is one who is assigned the task of creating unrest and debate about a topic they are deeply committed to.  Goals of the Student Provocateurs Program:

Student Provocateurs will integrate storytelling, technology, and learning with the goal of environmental preservation and public awareness.  Students accepting a role in the program will be challenged to produce a provocative film addressing an environmental issue critical to the sustainability of the natural world.


A Word From The Program Director:

Bradford Davey

I have been an educator for over 10 years.  I have taught medical students, graduate students, high school students of all levels, and middle school science and math students.  I have produced documentary films for NSF grant evaluation and effectiveness and helped students harvest the power of film in numerous educational projects.  I have helped produce a documentary film at the Brown School in Schenectady, NY illustrating the power of students to enact sustainable change in their community.  Currently I am a freelance educational consultant working for Technology For Learning Consortium, Inc. in North Kingstown, RI.

My most recent path of life-long-learning has brought me to the School of Education and Psychology at Pepperdine University where I am pursuing a Masters Degree in Educational Technology.  This project is part of that program and my personal interpretation of the integration of technology into education and the power of film.  I value our environment and recognize the necessity to help the next generation get our generation to act NOW!

Thank You and Never Stop Learning!

Working Model


I will be collecting footage along the way to document their work and produce a film of my own which will document the student’s journey and be used as a training video for future projects.  All student and adult participants will be asked to keep a blog of their experience, work, success and failures, and personal stories.  All students will receive a copy of the film they produced.  It is hoped that this project will continue to serve as a means to bring about an increase in public awareness and debate for important local environmental issues.